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What is the best lunchbox for kids starting school? Lisa asked her Instagram followers and the verdict is in.

The time has come when I become a real ‘school mum’. I’ve been told this involves being on committees, attending many social events and most of all making lunches everyday. I miss the chef at the boy’s childcare centre already and Ted and Jack haven’t even started school yet. 

Being heavily pregnant, in the middle of renovating and working, the idea of batch cooking muffins, coming up with new sandwich options and making sure that my nutrient rich, nut free, sugar free, plastic free, gluten free children’s lunchboxes get the teachers approval, doesn’t excite me all that much, however I’m going to give it a red hot go, and I’m going to feel like a domestic goddess, enthusiastic super mum….even if it’s just for a week.

So I did a little insta post this week and asked YOU, the experienced mums out there what your favourite lunchbox was. I also got as many messages asking for the answers, so here it goes for all the parents out there in the same boat as me. These were the top lunchbox brands that were recommended to me.

In first place is….

Yum Box

I got so many messages about this brand, it definitely came in an easy first place.

Some other brands that came up as great recommendations were:

Tiny Me

Stuck on you

Bambino Love

Bambino Love are stockists of a range of eco friendly, zero waste bento lunch boxes, drinking bottles, insulated cooler bags, baby feeding products & cute bento accessories that inspire your endless creation. Their range includes most of the brands included on this list.


Makers of the hot and cold bento box!

Pack it 2 Go

Freezable Bento Lunch Bag

Smash Lunchboxes

Check out their very cool Bento Bite Boxes on this little video here!

Good luck Mums and Dads. Happy 2020.

Love from your enthusiastic, sugar free, environmentally friendly school Mum, Lisa Wipfli.