Rainbow Fish Tacos

Serves 6-8 | Preparation time 30 min | Cooking time 15 min

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Try our colourful and delicious homemade fish tacos!


600g snapper, or other firm white fish

1 cup coconut flour, lightly seasoned with S&P

1 cup Panko crumbs

2-3 eggs, lightly beaten

1/4 red cabbage, shredded

1 avocado, diced

1 corn cob, kernels removed (cooked or uncooked)

1 packet, small wholemeal tortillas

Oil, for cooking (opt for extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil)

Mayonnaise / tartare sauce, to serve

Lemon wedges, to serve

1. Cut fish into 1cm wide, finger-like pieces.

2. Dip each piece of fish in coconut flour and shake of excess.

3. Move each piece of fish from coconut flour to egg mixture to panko crumbs, shaking excess off after each dip. Repeat with remaining fish.

4. Cover base of medium saucepan, with approximately a centimetre of oil and heat over medium heat. Add fish pieces in batches and cook until golden brown on all sides. Remove from oil and drain on paper towelling.

5. Heat tortillas up, as per packet instructions.

6. Divide shredded cabbage, avocado and corn between tortillas. Then top with two fish fingers. Top with tartare sauce and a squeeze of lemon and enjoy!