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Chickpea, Pumpkin & Quinoa Puree

Serves 20 | Preparation time 5 min | Cooking time 10-15 min

puree recipe

Try this yummy homemade baby puree recipe from our friends at Wholesome Child!

This yummy puree recipe from our friends at Wholesome Child, is a plant based alternative to give your child a healthy dose of iron and the amino acids they need for their growing brains and bodies. The use of our Nourishing Bubs Pumpkin Puree blocks cuts the time and prep in half, simply defrost and use immediately.

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400g canned Chickpeas

5 blocks Nourishing Bubs Pumpkin Puree blocks, defrosted (½ cup / 125g)

¼ tsp (0.25g) ground cumin

1 tbs (1.6g) fresh coriander

1 cup (160g) quinoa, cooked and cooled

  1. Place the chickpeas in a steamer pot over boiling water and steam for 10-15 mins or until tender.
  2. Place steamed chickpeas and defrosted Pumpkin puree blocks with cumin, coriander and cooked brown rice in a food processor and add about a cup of cooking water.
  3. Puree to desired consistency, adding more cooking water if needed.