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Welcome to Nourishing Bubs!

Nourishing Bubs is a range of easy-to-use individual portions of single-variety fruit and vegetable purees. Our purees are made from nothing but pure 100% Australian produce, snap-frozen to lock in nutrients, without the need for nutrient damaging heat treatment.

Founded by Olivia Bates, Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist.

So, you can be confident nutrition comes first! Nourishing Bubs was founded by paediatric dietitian and nutritionist, Olivia Bates (Liv), after years of babysitting while completing her dietetics degree. Liv realised the challenges parents faced when it came to feeding their children while also learning the adverse effects of poor diet through her studies.

“I wanted to create a product that ticked all my boxes from a dietitian standpoint, while fulfilling the needs of a parent.”


Liv was eager to make a difference to the future diet and lifestyle of adorable little people. She set out to explore what was on offer in the baby food space and found a combination of excessively sweetened, watered down pouches of food which had been sitting on the shelf longer than baby had been alive. How did they survive with supposedly no preservatives? The answer – heat treatment! The side effect – Destroying many of the nutrients! The food that was available was little better than a bag of empty kilojoules, providing bub with nothing but energy. There was something missing, it was as if the baby food market had missed a step.

The first ever Solid Starter Pack

It is often those first stages of solids where parents need most help. They are sleep deprived, still navigating the whole newborn thing and then BOOM! You have to introduce solids. Liv came up with a concept similar to that which many parents had been doing at home for decades. The concept is much like a simple ice cube tray with small portions of single flavours. This meant parents could try the flavours one at a time and then mix to create different combos. The key benefit being the ability to watch for any allergies or adverse reactions and identify the cause immediately. Plus, the small portions could save parents endless hours of peeling, chopping, steaming and pureeing. Essentially, she created a product which is as if parents had made it at home themselves. Just minus the mess and the hassle.

“Introducing solids is an overwhelming process for first time mothers, and if you are a mother of more than one child, then you definitely don’t have the time to cook a toddler meal as well as peel, steam and puree vegetables for your baby.

I am so excited to be part of the Nourishing Bubs family and help simplify the process for parents without sacrificing quality.”


Made from nothing but 100% Aussie produce

Nourishing Bubs is committed to using 100% Australian produce, supporting our farmers, our factories and our economy to bring you the best our country has to offer!

No Nasties! No added sugar, salt, preservatives, fillers, thickeners, colours or flavours

You don’t see mum and dad mixing in any of the nasties, so either do we! We’re all about the real stuff and making sure it tastes and looks exactly as it should. That also means no sweetening vegetables with fruit!


When it comes to extending the shelf life of our products, Liv’s priority was ensuring as many nutrients as possible could be locked in. Our fruit and vegetables are harvested then delivered straight to our factory where they are processed and cooked before being rapidly frozen. This means, they avoid spending excess time exposed to the atmosphere, as well as high temperature pasteurisation which substantially impacts the nutrient levels. Only the very best for bub!