Our Range

How to Use

1. Pop out a cube.

2. Puree can be served cold or warm.

  • Fridge Place in covered dish for several hours until completely defrosted. Serve as is.
  • Stovetop Heat cube in a pot over medium heat until warm.
  • Microwave Place in microware safe dish and heat for 10 seconds. Repeat if required.

3. Serve to bub as individual veggies. Remember to always check the temperate before feeding to bub.

Why Nourishing Bubs?

Developed by a Paediatric Dietitian, Managed by Mums
Basically, you’re in good hands! We all know too well how time consuming and overwhelming starting solids can be, so we’ve taken all the hard work out of it for you. You can be confident that nutrition comes first, and the process will be easier than ever before.

Pure Premium Ingredients
Our ingredients are 100% pure vegetable and fruit purees, just as if you were to make them yourself at home! No additives, no preservatives, no extra salts, sugars or water. Frozen to lock in nutrients and avoid nutrient destroying pasteurisation.

100% Australian
Nourishing Bubs is owned by Australians, produced and packaged in Australia, and uses only Australian produce. Together we are supporting our local farmers and manufacturing industries here in Australia.

Exposing your baby to a range of fresh, nutritious foods is vital for a healthy, happy baby! Our packs include a variety of single 100% vegetable and fruit purees to make testing for allergies easy, while exposing bub to a range of different flavours.