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What I love most about being a mum…

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked some very special Mummas what they love most about being a mum.

I love…

Elle Halliwell
(mother & author of A Mother’s Choice)

“Surprise kisses and getting that first, sleepy, morning smile”

Elle & Tor

Above: Elle Halliwell & son Tor

Sally Obermeder
(mother, TV presenter, radio host, founder of SWIISH by Sally O)

“There are a million things that I love about being a mum but one of them is the endless cuddles and in particular, the early morning ones. Although it’s usually still dark outside (I will never understand why kids feel like they need to get up at 5am!), I love when both girls wake up and they’re still a little bit sleepy and they crawl into bed with us and we all have a family snuggle. It’s quiet outside and all you can hear are little girls giggling. It’s the best feeling in the whole world.”

Sally, Annabelle, Elyssa

Above: Sally Obermeder & daughters, Annabelle & Elyssa

Bronwyn Mccahon
(mother, co-founder Play etc, former Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan and Dolly Magazines)

“I love being a mum because it’s always been a dream of mine to get woken 235 times most nights and have someone watch me go to the toilet everyday#dreamsreallydocometrue
But also… what I love most about being a mum is the pure love and excitement I see in their eyes when they look at me. Even when I’m at my worst, all I ever see in their little eyes is LOVE”

BronwynMccahon & Fam

Above: Bronwyn Mccahon, husband Phil, daughters Harper & Grace and son Theo 

Lisa Wipfli
(mother, part-owner Nourishing Bubs, Mr Vitamin’s Ambassador)

“My favourite thing about being a mum is the feeling you get when you see your little human smiling and laughing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that my little boys are happy and healthy. The other thing I love is sneaking into their bedroom when they’re sleeping and smothering them with kisses.”

Lisa, Jack & Ted

Above: Lisa Wipfli and sons Jack & Ted

Prue Gardiner
(mother to our founder Liv, interior stylist)

“I love the whole experience and journey. Being a mother is unlike any other experience in life, in that it takes you through every possible 

Prue & Liv

Above: Prue Gardiner & daughter & Nourishing Bubs Founder Liv

Wishing all our beautiful Mummas, the most special Mother’s Day!