Nourishing Bubs Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Christmas time is a truly enchanting time of year for Children and adults alike. For adults the joy often revolves around seeing the smiles and happiness on their little ones faces as they embrace all that this wonderful season has to offer.

 With so many different Christmas activities to do, why not give a homemade advent calendar a go? It is one way to avoid another unnecessary chocolate overload but most importantly it is about creating memories to last a life time.

Do these in any order you like (although you might want to keep number 24 where it is, or Santa may be a little hungry on Christmas eve ;))

  1. Write letter to Santa
  2. Make homemade ornaments – search Pinterest for some awesome ideas!
  3. Make homemade wrapping paper – finger painting and hand prints are great especially for the younger children
  4. Make paper snowflakes to stick on the window – paper doilies are great for this and can be purchased at Spotlight and other craft shops
  5. Decorate gingerbread men or go all out and decorate a gingerbread house
  6. Make Christmas cards – try recycling the images off old cards, as well as using spare fabric, sparkles, glitter pens and craft paper
  7. Walk / drive around local area to look at lights
  8. Make homemade Christmas crackers – you can buy the snapper/cracker at Riot and Spotlight
  9. Make Shortbread stars
  10. Attend local Christmas Carols / concerts (usually in the local parks)
  11. Visit Santa
  12. Make white Christmas – healthy version coming soon!
  13. Decorate the Christmas tree (while listening to your favourite carols)
  14. Read Christmas stories – some of our favourite are: A Christmas Carol, Polar Express, Twas the Night Before Christmas and Angelina’s Christmas
  15. Make sugar cookies which you can hang on the tree – try this recipe here!
  16. Watch a Christmas movie – some of our favourite family choices are: Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  17. Playdough – make red and green, peppermint scented playdough. We like this recipe here!
  18. Make paper chains – cut strips of red and green paper and interlink using tape or a stapler to secure
  19. Make peppermint bark – melted chocolate (try making raw chocolate with cacao butter, cacao & sweetened with honey or maple syrup) sprinkled with crushed candy canes
  20. Donate canned food to charity
  21. Do craft with jingle bells – bells can be purchased from art/craft stores/ bead stores
  22. Make mince pies – Our ‘healthier version’ coming to the blog shortly!
  23. Make a pomander ball, which is usually an orange which has been pierced with cloves and dried to let off wonderful aromas (they are often used as decorations at Christmas time)
  24. Leave out cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeers!
  25. Happy Christmas!