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Megan Gale on Motherhood & her new business ‘Mindful Life’

What is the most difficult thing about being a mother?
I think the most difficult thing about being a mother is thinking you have to be it all and do it all, constantly. When you’re balancing work, family and everything in between, us mums can often put pressure on ourselves to be nothing but ‘on’ at all times! It’s important we remind ourselves that we’re only human – we will make mistakes sometimes and that’s okay.

How has being a mother changed your life?
I’ve learnt to slow down and make the small moments count, for example, turning what could be a tedious routine like bath time, into an opportunity to bond with my children. I know this precious time will go quickly and one day I want to look back and say I was present for it – as much as I could be. It really has given me a different perspective on what’s important.

How has it changed your career path?
Becoming a mother started me on this new path and inspired not only a business venture, but a lifestyle and value that has formed the backbone of the business. The evolution of it wasn’t overly conscious on my part – it’s happened quite organically. I also think I was ready for, not so much a career change, but diversifying. Mindful Life is the result of that desire to change things up.

Tell us about Mindful Life and when and why did you get the drive to create this brand?
I’ve been working on Mindful Life for over four years, not long after River was born.

At the beginning, my goal with the business was simply to create a range of fully functional skincare products for babies and children, that was free from nasties, that used only safe, gentle, naturally derived and organic ingredients. There were similar options out there, but they were few and far between and not many I felt I could truly believe in. I wanted to give myself and other parents more options and help grow that space.

The idea for Mindful Life itself as a brand was sparked from my desire to encourage presence and purpose, especially for parents. When I became a mother, it hit home just how quickly time does fly, and if we don’t pause to take it in (the good and the bad) we’ll miss it all.

Mindful Life Product Range