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Got milk? Lisa Wipfli talks Breastfeeding & Increasing Milk Supply

So here’s me in 2015, first time Mum, naively thinking that breastfeeding was this super easy process that came naturally to every Mum and baby. I had this fabulous vision of being out and about, popping my boobie out at some organic coffee shop while I sip my almond milk latte and have a spelt flour sugarless blueberry muffin, and baby wears a perfectly clean Jacardi onesie. We sit in silence as I nurse my baby and fill his tummy. I swaddle, and put baby back in pram and baby falls asleep.

Yeah sure. Why do we spend so much time talking about the birth, going to calm birth classes, reading books on the perfect birth? The labour is one day in your life, sure it’s important and sure it’s traumatic, but I didn’t find it half as traumatic as the breastfeeding process. From hearing five different conflicting ways to ‘latch’ from the nurses in the hospital, to cracked nipples, to low milk supply, do I pump or not pump? How many times do I pump? What formula do I use? How long aaaahhhhhhhh.

 Here I am now, in 2020, two babies down and two traumatic breastfeeding experiences that only lasted 6 weeks, I’ve decided I’m going to do it differently this time. I’ve booked a lactation consultant, but I also find the advice of other mums who’ve struggled with low milk supply so valuable.

So I asked you, on Instagram what you did to boost milk supply and here’s the advice I got:

– Drink a lot of water and other hydrating fluids

– Placenta encapsulation (As it sounds, this refers to encapsulating your placenta into capsules. Placenta is steamed, dried, then ground into fine powder. Capsules are taken several times a day)

– A hospital grade pump like Spectra

– Wheat germ (contains galactagogues, which are thought to stimulate milk supply)

– The prescribed tablet Motillium 

– Herbs of Gold Double Strength Breastfeeding support 

– Lactation cookies ie. Franjos Cookies

 And then some additional advice from the fit, healthy and hugely knowledgeable Ali (owner of Body Love Pilates):

Ali also gave the most valuable advice of all, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. IF IT DOESN’T WORK, SO BE IT.

Happy baby, happy mum, unhappy baby, unhappy everyone. 

This is the best advice of all and I think every Mum needs to remember this over everything else. Thank you for your wise words Ali.

 I hope this helps some other mums of newborns that may have had as much trouble as me.  Big hugs to all the wonderful Mums. X