Fun & Festive Christmas Recipes for the Whole Family

Recruit your little helpers with these creative Christmas Recipes! While the holidays can often be a time where we all accidentally overindulge in a few too many sweet treats, these options provide some fun and easy hacks for turning everyday foods festive, as well giving our own nourishing take on some family favourites.

Cheese & Tomato ‘Candy Canes’

This little appetiser is most suitable for those aged 3+ (mainly due to the skewer) but simply involves using Tomatoberry Mini Tomatoes (easily swapped for cherry tomatoes) and mini bocconcini balls. Simply slice bocconcini pieces and cherry tomatoes in half and thread in an alternating fashion on cocktail skewers. These provide a festive snack for young and old!

Spiced Fruit Mince Scrolls

Start Christmas Day right with these homemade Spiced Fruit Mince Scrolls.

All you need is a sheet of puff pastry and our filling that tastes so much better than the store-bought stuff (but can be stored just as easily).

Prep a nice batch of this super easy fruit mince and use it to make these scrumptious scrolls or fill mini tart shells for homemade mince pies. It has a delicious blend of sweetness and spice, from the juice and zest of oranges, a dash of maple syrup and all the lovely flavours from cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Your whole house will smell like Christmas!

Get the full recipe HERE.

Honeydew Holly

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A great set of Christmas cutters can make it easy to turn everyday foods into festive foods. We have simply used a holly cookie cutter and cut pieces from 1/2 cm slices of honeydew melon. Pomegranate arils do a great job of representing the holly berries as well!

White Christmas, Our Way

Try our White Christmas! A nourishing take on this family-friendly classic with the perfect combo of crispy, sweet and nutty flavours.

White Christmas is traditionally made with copha (like the stuff you would put into chocolate crackles), icing sugar and dried / glace fruit. We have improved the nutritional quality of our version slightly and jazzed it up a little, to make it even more delicious than the original, without overloading on sugar!

It is a great option when you are asked to bring a plate and is super easy to make that even the kids can’t get it wrong!

Get the full recipe HERE.

Watermelon Trees

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Once again Christmas cookie cutters turn the humble watermelon into gorgeous trees and stars and make it easy to create an array of festive snacks from those foods you already have in your refrigerator and pantry.

Nourishing Linzer Cookies

These Nourishing Linzer Cookies are a healthier take on an old classic!

The use of maple syrup makes them refined sugar-free, while the almond meal in the pastry and the chia seeds in the jam filling provide a healthy dose of good fats. These will quickly become a family favourite for young and old.

The cutting out of the cookies from the pastry sheet also provides an opportunity to get the kids involved (as long as there is not too much nibbling on the mixture) and provides a chance to spend some quality time getting in the festive spirit.

We use a berry chia jam filling, but the choice is really all yours! Sprinkle with icing sugar (or delicate dust of coconut flour to keep the sugar content down).

Get the full recipe HERE.

Elevate The Humble Cheese and Cracker

Give the humble cheese and cracker a makeover, by cutting slices of cheese into festive shapes, with (you guessed it) your Christmas cutters! It provides a satiating snack for your little ones and will help them hit their recommended serves from the dairy food group.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year!

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