Child Sleep Consultant Phoebe Hanna’s Top Tips For A Better Sleep!

Phoebe is the founder of The Baby Comforter a certified child sleep consultant business.

Although based in Sydney, she works with families worldwide. Phoebe works with newborn babies and children up until the age of five. She is so passionate about getting you and your baby the sleep you need! Sleep is so important for babies to grow and develop. For adults, sleep is so important for you to function during the day, think clearly and overall look after your children in the best way possible.

1. Create a sleep environment conducive to sleep.

This can be done by:

  • Playing white noise for all naps and overnight sleep.
    • This is great for recreating the comforting sound of blood surging through arteries that your little one grew accustomed to in the womb.
    • White noise also helps to drown out noises in and around the home which could cause your little one to wake. 
  • Maintain a dark room for all naps and overnight sleep.
    • Babies become overstimulated quickly. A dark room helps them to wind down and produce melatonin (sleep hormone).
  • Keep an ideal temperature of 20-22 degrees. 

2.  Stick to your babies ‘Awake Time’.

According to your babies age, there is only so much time of being awake that they can handle before they quickly become overstimulated and tired, causing high levels of cortisol.

Check out the ‘sleep needs’ chart on @thebabycomforter page.

3. Babies need lots and lots of cuddles and reassurance.

But it’s also important to practice allowing them to fall asleep in their bassinet, pram, carrier etc so they are used to falling asleep in multiple places and not just in your arms! Consistency is key. 

4. Avoid holding out for that 8 pm bedtime or putting your little one to bed later in hopes of a sleep in.

Sometimes holding out for a later bedtime means that your little one’s last awake window is much too long, which can result in major bedtime battles as well as wakes in the first part of the night due to overtiredness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your little one to sleep as early as 6 pm, or providing an additional nap to ensure they are not overtired at bedtime.

Thank you Phoebe for the tips!

If you need any assistance in getting you’re your little one to sleep, Phoebe from The Baby Comforter can work with you with her 2-week support packages via phone/home consultations. Check out Phoebe’s child sleep consultant business

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